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Medad Online works through the Internet browser, which allows access to the system from any device that has Internet. Medad online allows branches to be connected and reports to be generated for all branches or for a single branch.

Medad Online

Real Time

You and your Employees are always working from the same set of data.

Without Infrastructure Setup Costs

Without the costs of purchasing hardware servers or software licenses

Use it Anywhere

Check your business anytime, anywhere app on your phone and tablet.


Automatic backups to keep your data safe and secure.

Up-to-date software

Working online ensures you've always got the latest features.

Multi Branches Support

Link branches in different regions and get the updated data immediately.


Medad Online contains all the features of Medad Professional plus the following:

  • Work from anywhere: Turn a spare moment into a productive minute. Check reports, issue invoices, run payroll, and more online.

  • Link branches in different regions and get the updated data immediately. 

  • Get the latest updates immediately as they become available. 

  • monthly subscription based on the number of users does not require the investment of large sums in IT infrastructure 

  • The possibility of increasing the number of users temporarily as needed without incurring infrastructure cost

  • And many more features

مداد أرخص أسهل برنامج محاسبي سحابي سعودي عربي
برنامج محاسبة

Connect Branches

Connect your branches with all the great features:

  • Connect branches and see live data immediately

  • The possibility of switching between branches with one click

  • The ability to obtain a report for a specific branch or all branches

  • The possibility of obtaining a tax declaration for all branches or for a specific branch

  • The ability to search for a specific item in the rest of the branches and know the available quantity of it directly from the sales invoice

  • The possibility of extracting a trial balance for all branches in a detailed or total format for all branches

  • The ability to specify different user powers for each branch

  • The possibility of defining one warehouse for all branches or for a group of branches or each branch having its own warehouse

  • The possibility of transferring items between branches smoothly

  • The ability to standardize reports and invoices designs for all branches or a custom design for each branch

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