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Medad Lite

Medad Lite is a simplified version of Medad Professional that allows the basic capabilities of it. It includes sales, purchases, warehouses and accounting. It targets small and micro enterprises at a reduced price

Medad Professional
ERP system offline. No internet access is required to work on this version. It includes Accounting & Finance
Purchasing & Warehouse
HR & Payroll
Medad Online

All Medad Professional Features
Access your data anywhere & anytime on almost any device

  • Integration: All different modules of the system are integrated with each other providing the user with information needed without duplicating the efforts.

  • Flexibility: The system provides the user with many system-level options and users privileges and rights making it easy for the system admin to control the system environment.

  • Expandability: With no limitations on the number of users, branches, items, customers, vendors, and data size, the system grows as you grow.

  • Compatibility: The system can run on all the Windows environments including Windows XP, Windows 2000/2003, Windows Vista, and Widows 7.

  • Support: Online and on-site support is available providing you with the quick response needed for critical issues.

  • Multi branches, multi stores support

  • Bilingual: English, Arabic

  • Can work with Hijri Calendar

  • Easy to use reports designer

  • User's level privileges and rights

  • Details of each transaction even after it gets deleted

  • Multitasking support, provides the user with the ability to work on more than one transaction at a time

  • Easy to use backup method to backup database files

  • Powerful search engine

  • User defined reports

  • Data drilling methods to get to the details of each transaction

  • Easily export your reports
    to Lotus, Quattro, Excel, Bitmap, JPEG, HTML, XHTML, PDF, TIF, RTF

General Features of all Medad systems

Human Resource Management

Medad Human Resources Management Program enables human resources management to establishments with ease and flexibility and to manage everything related to employees

Warehouse and procurement

Medad warehouse and procurement program is a system responsible for managing all warehouses and purchases from one place with high flexibility


Medad Sales System is a simple and easy-to-use Arabic sales program suitable for shops that want an integrated and easy-to-use cashier system suitable for the Saudi market in particular and the Arab market in general


Medad System of Accounts is a powerful and easy-to-use Arabic accounting program through which it can handle accounting entries, receipts, disbursements and settlement, and view account statements, reports, trial balance, balance sheet, income statement and other accounting reports in a modern and easy-to-use manner.

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