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 برنامج محاسبي عربي

Accounting & Finance

  • Easy to use and rebuild GL Tree.

  • Ready made GL Tree that fits different industries.

  • Searchable GL Tree that can be reached from any screen inside the system.

  • GL can handle up to 20 levels.

  • Cost Centers support.

  • Can produce Trial Balance report from different levels in the same report.

  • Customer-created reports.

  • Can control who posts directly to the system.

  • Monthly closing gives you more control over your transactions.

  • End of the year closing flexibility allows you to work on the new year transactions before closing the previous year.

  • Automatically update your opening balance from previous year, as many times as needed.

  • Automatically calculates your fixed assets depreciation. 

  • Powerful reporting and search capabilities gives you the details you are looking for in seconds. 

  • The trial balance report can be presented in several ways: specific level, pre-selected accounts, or sub-accounts only.

  • The trial balance report can be displayed for one branch or for all branches.

  • The ability to create accounting reports by choosing specific accounts by the user and save these reports for easy reference.

  • According to the user’s powers, restrictions can be posted directly once they are added. If the user does not have this authority, the restrictions must be approved by someone who has the authority to do so.

  • The possibility of making some accounts private so that only those who have the authority can view them.

  • The approved accounting entries can be modified easily in the event that the appropriate authorities are in place

  • The possibility of the monthly closing to prevent adding or modifying any operations in the previous months with the ability to remove the lock for those who have the authority to do so.

  • Flexible annual close that allows the user to work in the new year before the end of the previous year's close.

  • Opening account balances can be updated automatically from the previous year even after the annual closing has been completed for more than once.

  • Search capabilities allow the user to access what he wants quickly and easily.

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