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Medad Inventory Management helps you achieve your goals effectively and efficiently.

Manage multiple categories, multiple stores, multiple units easily.

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  • Items can be categorized in tree style or basic style giving you the power of sorting that fits your needs.

  • Include all that details you want including the manufacturer details, item photo, and extra description fields.

  • Add as many units as needed for each item.

  • Have multiple stores for each branch and control items movement between them.

  • Import items list directly from Excel. 

  • Do physical inventory with the Freeze feature. This means that you can start working again as soon as  you have your inventory written down, before entering the data into the system.

  • Be able to change item code, even after using the item in real transactions.

  • Supports Barcode scanners.

  • Control Purchases: Purchase Orders, Purchase Requests, Purchase Invoices & Returns. 

  • Vendors reports. 

  • Powerful reporting and search capabilities gives you the details you are looking for in seconds. 

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