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Gold and jewelry stores

برنامج محاسبة لمعارض المجوهرات والذهب

The best integrated and most powerful Arabic accounting program for gold and jewelry exhibitions and gold factories.
Medad Accounts can issue sales invoices easily and with additional features that ensure all the data that must be available in the printed invoice, such as weight, gold karat, stones, and others.
The Medad program is an accounting program with an easy interface that does not require accounting knowledge and is approved by the Zakat and Income Authority and is compatible with the requirements of the electronic invoice

افضل برنامج محاسبة لمحلات الذهب و المجوهرات

An accounting system dedicated to the gold and jewelry activity that supports the requirements of the electronic invoice and contains many features that have been developed to meet the special needs of this activity, including:

  • A sales invoice containing all the fields required to be provided by the Zakat and Income Authority, in addition to the fields for weight and quantity of gold and stones, with flexibility in setting the price.

  • A purchase invoice that contains all the features of purchases required by commercial activities, in addition to features developed specifically for the activity of gold and jewelry, such as the manufacturing cost that can be added to each item independently.

Full control of branches:

1. The ability to move between branches for the user who has authority

One push of a button.

2. The ability to obtain a report for a specific branch or a report for all branches.

3. The possibility of obtaining a tax declaration for all branches or for a specific branch.

4. The ability to search for a specific item in the rest of the branches and find out

Available quantity of it directly from the sales invoice.

5. The possibility of extracting a detailed trial balance for all branches

Or a total for all branches.

6. The ability to specify different user powers for each branch.

7. The possibility of defining one warehouse for all branches or for a group

From the branches or each branch has its own warehouse.

8. The possibility of transferring items between branches smoothly.

افضل واسهل برنامج محاسبي اون لاين سعودي عربي سحابي
 اون لاين سهل رخيص برنامج كاشير عربي.
Total control of sales:

1. An integrated Arabic computer sales program for all cashier tasks, from barcode printing to sales receipt printing.

2. Easy to use: With the testimony of our customers, the system does not require a great deal of knowledge and training to use it.

3. Monitor the customer’s balance through the sales invoice directly.

4. Specifying more than one payment method for one bill.

5. Modify the invoice form as needed through the report designer.

6. Adding the conditions of sale or any other notes at the bottom of the invoice with the ability to amend them for each invoice.

7. Communicate with customers via SMS.

System units
Warehouse and procurement system
Human resource system
Accounts system
Sales system

للإطلاع على برامج مداد المحاسبية :

Contact us to view the system and discuss the mechanism of converting your business into a Medad system




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