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Accounting program for governmental and non-profit institutions

Service and non-profit organizations need an accounting program that meets the requirements of charities, laws, and financial requirements. Madada Accounting Program provides the best accounting experience for an accounting program for charitable associations and committees with an easy and simple interface in the Arabic language.
The accounting program is also compatible with the unified accounting guide for charities.
With the Medad cloud accounting system, you can manage all the financial and administrative affairs of the non-profit and charitable organization with an accounting system that is compatible with the regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Medad system provides many features that are specially designed for non-profit organizations

Which includes governmental, semi-governmental and charitable institutions

Therefore, this is the reason why many of these entities choose Medad to manage their business. In addition to the general characteristics of Medad system, work has been done on the incoming and outgoing system to follow up on transactions.

The system complies with the Unified Accounting Manual for Charities.

For more about the general characteristics of Medad system

برنامج محاسبة للمؤسسات الحكومية وغير الربحية
System units
Warehouse and procurement system
Human resource system
Accounts system
Sales system

للإطلاع على برامج مداد المحاسبية :

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