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برنامج محاسبة رخيص
برنامج محاسبة رخيص

Accounting Features:

  • Easy to use and rebuild GL Tree.

  • Searchable GL Tree that can be reached from any screen inside the system.

  • GL can handle up to 20 levels.

  • Can produce Trial Balance report from different levels in the same report.

  • Customer-created reports.

  • Can control who posts directly to the system.

  • Monthly closing gives you more control over your transactions.

  • End of the year closing flexibility allows you to work on the new year transactions before closing the previous year.

  • Automatically update your opening balance from previous year, as many times as needed.

  • Automatically calculates your fixed assets depreciation. 

  • Powerful reporting and search capabilities gives you the details you are looking for in seconds. 

Medad Personal version was released for academic & Personal use for Free*. This edition includes many features:


1. User friendly interface.

2. The use of open source database which eliminate any additional cost on the end-user.

3. The software can easily be reset to its default state making repeated use by other users in a classroom environment a snap without having to reinstall the software.

4. Compatible with all Windows systems including Windows 10.

افضل برنامج محاسبي بدون انترنت

: Medad General Features

  • Integration: All different modules of the system are integrated with each other providing the user with information needed without duplicating the efforts. 

  • Flexibility: The system provides the user with many system-level options and users privileges and rights making it easy for the system admin to control the system environment. 

  • Expandability: With no limitations on the number of users, branches, items, customers, vendors , and data size, the system grows as you grow. 

  • Compatibility: The system can run on all the Windows environments including Windows XP, Windows 2000/2003, Windows Vista, and Widows 7.

  • Support: Online and on-site support is available providing you with the quick response needed for critical issues.

  • Multi branches, multi stores support

  • Bilingual: English, Arabic

  • Can work with Hijri Calendar

  • Easy to use reports designer

  • User's level privileges and rights

  • Details of each transaction even after it gets deleted

  • Multitasking support, provides the user with the ability to work on more than one transaction at a time

  • Easy to use backup method to backup database files

  • Powerful search engine

  • User defined reports

  • Data drilling methods to get to the details of each transaction

  • Easily export your reports
    to Lotus, Quattro, Excel, Bitmap, JPEG, HTML, XHTML, PDF, TIF, RTF

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