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Modify the chart of accounts

The Accounts file allows you to create or modify the chart of accounts flexibly. The chart of accounts system is based on the principle of tree numbering. The number 1204, for example, is part of the number   12 because it begins with these two numbers. Therefore, any account that begins with the number 12 is considered a branch of it. If the user wants to print a report for the main account 12, then any movement recorded in account 1204 will be part of this report.

شجرة الحسابات

Add a new account

  1. From the main menu, press Accounts >>> Accounts File

  2. Enter the new account number to be added, then press Enter

  3. Enter the rest of the data

  4. Click Save

إضافة حساب جديد
البحث عن حساب

Ways to search for a specific account

You can search for a specific account in several ways, as follows:

  1.   By pressing F9 in any of the program screens to display the chart of accounts.

  2.  by pressing F3 in the account number field to display the search screen. 

opening balances

The opening balances can be entered or modified at any time of the fiscal year by following the following steps:

  1. From the main menu, click on Accounts >>> Account Services >>> Opening Balances.

  2. Enter the account number.

  3. Enter the opening balance debit or credit.

  4. Click on save.

الأرصدة الإفتتاحية

Export data to Excel

  1. Select the report whose data you want to export to excel 

  2. Press the Print button, a dialog box for selecting the printer and the number of pages will appear in front of you

  3. Choose Print to File

  4. In the File type box, select excel .

  5. In the Where field, enter the name of the file you want to save as

  6. Click OK: the file will be saved 

  7. open excel  

  8. From the File menu choose Open 

  9. From the list of files displayed, select the file you saved, then click Open

تصديرالبيانات الى اكسل

Exchange and receipt vouchers

  1. From the main menu, click on Accounts >>> Payment or Receipt Voucher

  2. Press Enter

  3. Enter the bond number, whether it is a new bond or one you want to modify

  4. Enter the date

  5. Choose cash or check

  6. Enter the general statement of the operation

  7. Enter the debit account number, then the debit or credit amount, then the statement if it differs from what was entered in step number 6, then the reference number (check number or the like)

  8. Repeat the same steps for Account Payable 

  9. If there is more than one party to the process, it is entered in the same way

  10. When finished, click Approve to restrict the process 

  11. Click Print to print the document

سندات الصرف والقبض

Migrate restrictions

Restrictions are automatically migrated unless this permission is not given to the user who entered the data.
In this case, the data is saved, but it does not appear in the accounting reports until it is posted by the person with the authority.
To migrate entries that have not been migrated, follow these steps:

  1. From the main menu, press Accounts >>> Account Services >>> Transfer Restrictions.

  2. Choose the appropriate search method to get the list of restrictions that have not been migrated.

  3. A list of restrictions that have not been migrated will appear. If no restrictions appear, this means that there are no restrictions that have not been migrated.

  4. Press Migrate and the restrictions that appear in front of you on the screen will be migrated.

ترحيل القيود

Monthly closing

This feature provides the ability to lock the desired month to prevent any change in its data, inadvertently or intentionally.
Only those who have the authority can perform or undo this operation.
to do this. Follow next steps :

  1. From the main menu, press Accounts >>> Account Services >>> Monthly Closing.

  2. Enter the year and month to be closed.

  3. Click Close Month.

الإقفال الشهري

Annual closing

  This process takes place at the end of each fiscal year, as the data for the current year is separated from the new year
Transfer the closing balances in the current year as opening balances in the new year.
To do this process, follow these steps:

  1. From the main menu click on System >>> Annual Closing 

  2. Specify the start and end of the new fiscal year 

  3. Click on Close Accounts and Inventory

  4. After the process is completed successfully, exit the program and re-enter again. You will notice in the year field on the screen

The entry that the previous year was added to the list. If you want to access the previous year's data 

Then choose the year from the list or leave it blank to enter the new year.
To complete the closing process, log in to New Year 

5. You will notice that there are no accounting entries in the current year
6. From the main menu, click on System >>> Update Opening Account Balances 
7. Then from the main menu, click on System >>> Update Opening Warehouse Balances
8. You will notice that the accounting entries for the opening balances have been recorded, and thus the annual closing process has ended.

الإقفال السنوي
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