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Free Accounting Software which Supports Electronic Invoices

The Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority in Saudi Arabia has launched the e-Invoice financial-aid program, which targets businesses whose annually revenue doesn’t exceed 3 million riyals. Those business can benefit from the financial aid amount to cover the costs of purchasing an accounting software.

Follow these steps after purchasing Medad ERP to take advantage of this program:

1- Login to your business’s portal on the Zakat Authority website.

2- Click on the "Request e-invoice Support" icon at the bottom of the webpage.

3- Fill in the support form.

4- Attach a copy of the purchase invoice of Medad software.

5- Attach a copy of an invoice issued by Medad software that is compatible with the

e-invoices requirements.

If you are in need of an accounting software that supports e-invoices, but your business is small and software prices exceed your budget, following the previous steps after purchasing Medad ERP software can qualify you to get financial support from the Zakat Authority, which will consequently reduce the cost of Medad Accounting software significantly, or the cost will be fully covered by the Zakat Authority. We recommend applying soon to seize the opportunity before the support program comes to an end. You can request a proposal of Medad software by reaching out to us via our contact details provided on our website.


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