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common questions

  • Is it possible to switch from Medad professional to online Medad or vice versa?

Yes, it is possible, and all your data will be transferred easily.

  • Are there all the features of Medad Professional in Medad Online?

Yes, all the features in Medad Professional are available on Medad Online, in addition to the ability to access your data through any Internet browser.

  • What languages ​​does the system support?

Arabic and English.

  • How to open a new fiscal year?

To open a new year, follow these steps:

1. Go to the system menu and select Open New Fiscal Year.

2. Enter the beginning and end of the new year.

3. Click on the Unlock New Year button.

4. After a message appears stating that the operation was successful, exit the system.

5. Re-enter the system as the new year will be entered. If you want to enter the previous year, you can choose the year from the first login screen.

6. To zero the serial numbers (such as entry numbers and invoices), you can go to the system menu, then the serial numbers.

7. To update the opening account balances from the closing balances of the previous year, go to the system menu and then update the opening account balances. The opening warehouse balances can also be updated in the same way.

  • Can I continue to amend the previous year after the establishment of the new year?

Yes, it can. In the event that the account balances have changed, it is possible to request updating the opening balances more than once from the system menu and then choose to update the opening account balances.

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