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Here are a set of tasks that Medad online system allows to accomplish without the need to be in the office.

The system is accessed through a regular internet browser, so you can work from anywhere at any time.

Through Medad Online, the following tasks can be accomplished, for example, but not limited to:

  • Follow up and monitor the movement of sales, purchases, warehouse and all financial movements in real time.

  • Create sales invoices and send copies of them by email or fax.

  • Enter all data including purchase invoices, daily entries, and all other documents.

For more about Medad online ( click here )

 كامل قوي  افضل برنامج محاسبة  ومبيعات اون لاين بسيط رسمي سعودي

Medad Online: An accounting system that supports remote work

In light of the current conditions, many international companies such as Apple, Twitter and Google have invited their employees in the countries where the virus has spread to work from their homes. Companies in the Arab region are not far from planning this action. According to Gulf Talent, a third of companies in the Arab Gulf plan to work remotely to counter the threat of the virus.

This calls for finding solutions to work remotely commensurate with the nature of each activity.

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