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Accounting software for sales companies
Wholesale, retail and service companies

With the adoption of electronic invoices and the adoption of tax systems, it has become important for companies to adopt an ERP accounting system to manage financial and accounting affairs. The Medad program is the best accounting program for small and medium-sized companies, characterized by a flexible design that is adaptable to the various requirements of companies and ease of use, as it helps to manage accounts and view all financial movements of the company from anywhere on the Internet because it is a cloud accounting program. The company's supply system enables the company to modify the design of the electronic invoice and add the company's logo and all the required data on the invoices to comply with the requirements of the Zakat and Income Authority.
In addition, MADAD is an integrated accounting program supported by the Arabic language, which includes utilities for sales, inventory management, purchases, personnel affairs, revenue and expense analysis, and linking branches.

Characteristics of Medad accounting software for companies

1. The ability to move between branches for the user who has the authority with One push of a button.

2. The ability to obtain a report for a specific branch or a report for all branches.

3. The possibility of obtaining a tax declaration for all branches or for a specific branch.

4. The ability to search for a specific item in the rest of the branches and find out

Available quantity of it directly from the sales invoice.

5. The possibility of extracting a detailed trial balance for all branches

Or a total for all branches.

6. The ability to specify different user powers for each branch.

7. The possibility of defining one warehouse for all branches or for a group

From the branches or each branch has its own warehouse.

8. The possibility of transferring items between branches smoothly.

برنامج محاسبة

Full control of prices with the outdated accounting system

برنامج محاسبة لشركة دعاية واعلان برنامج محاسبة لشركة صغيرة برنامج محاسبة لشركة نقليات برنامج محاسبة لقطع غيار السيارات برنامج محاسبة للايفون برنامج محاسبة للجوال برنامج محاسبة لمحل خضار برنامج محاسبة لمحل ذهب برنامج محاسبة لمحل صغير برنامج محاسبة لمركز صيانة سيارات برنامج محاسبة لمركز طبي
1. The possibility of fixing a specific price or allowing the seller to set the appropriate price according to validity.

2. The possibility of specifying a certain discount rate for the seller that he cannot exceed.

3. The possibility of selling at a tax-inclusive price, and the system calculates the price before tax automatically.

4. The ability to know the previous selling price for a specific customer through the invoice directly.

5. The ability to classify and divide prices into groups and include each customer in the appropriate group.

6. The possibility of applying a pricing policy to all or some items for each client separately.

Full control of delegates with Medad corporate accounting software

1. The ability to monitor representatives and track their sales progress through detailed reports.

2. The possibility of extracting sales reports and the delegates' collections during a specific period.

3. The possibility of specifying a specific commission rate for each item.

4. The possibility of linking the delegate to a specific fund or warehouse.

5. The possibility of determining the appropriate credit limit for each customer, so that the representative cannot exceed this limit.

برنامج محاسبة

Full control of sales for companies with the outdated accounting system

برنامج كاشير عربي سهل رخيص سحابي
1. An integrated Arabic computer sales program for all cashier tasks, from barcode printing to sales receipt printing.

2. Easy to use: With the testimony of our customers, the system does not require a great deal of knowledge and training to use it.

3. Monitor the customer’s balance through the sales invoice directly.

4. Specifying more than one payment method for one bill.

5. Modify the invoice form as needed through the report designer.

6. Adding the conditions of sale or any other notes at the bottom of the invoice with the ability to amend them for each invoice.

7. Communicate with customers via SMS.

Full control of the company's warehouses through our accounting system

1. The ability to divide items into groups such as a tree of varieties of multiple types and sub-types. You can also use the type field and simple subtype.

2. The ability to save all data related to the item, including the serial numbers, the supplier number, the manufacturer, the product image, and many other data.

3. The ability to enter an infinite number of units for each class separately.

4. The possibility of adding an unlimited number of branches and warehouses and the ability to work with more than one warehouse for each branch.

5. The ability to import item data directly from Excel.

6. High flexibility in numbering that allows the possibility to change the item number even after entering operations on it, which allows the possibility to amend the item number according to the developments of the work. The authorized user can do this.

7. The program supports barcode readers and barcode label printing.

8. Purchasing Management: The procurement cycle includes the complete purchase orders, purchase orders, purchase invoices, and purchase returns with the ability to shorten the procurement cycle according to the size of the company.

9. Suppliers' reports, which include account statements, total and detailed purchases, and amounts due according to debt aging reports.

10. Reports and alerts of low quantity and expiration date.

11. Search capabilities that allow the user to access what he wants quickly and easily.

افضل برنامج محاسبي للمستودعات برنامج محاسبة ومستودعات

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