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Accounting data entry service

On Medad online system

Description of the service

برنامج محاسبة

It is a service for entering accounting data such as invoices and bonds to help entrepreneurs who do not have time to do all of this or that their commercial activity does not require hiring a full-time accountant. This service requires a subscription to Medad online where data is entered.

Covered services

  1. Establish data for suppliers, customers, and items *

  2. Entering invoices (purchases - sales - returns)

  3. Entry of bonds (receipt - exchange)


* (Data is required in electronic form)

Mechanism of Action

  • Step 1 (wipe)

Using a scanner or mobile device, take photos of your bills and bonds.

  • Step 2 (Submit)

Send it on WhatsApp or the designated email.

  • Step 3 (data entry)

The data sent is entered into the system

the prices:

Data Pro
Lite data
The bouquet
950 SAR / month
400 SAR / month
% 10
The discount rate for the annual subscription
Bonds / month (cap)

To inquire about the service or request it, contact us




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